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Gym Floor Resurfacing: Ensuring Safety and Excellence

Your gym serves as a sanctuary for athletes to realize their full potential. However, over time, wear and neglect can turn your once-inspiring facility into a less-than-ideal space.

The signs might not be immediately obvious, but you’ll notice athletes facing more injuries or slipping on surfaces. What used to be a stage for boosting gameplay and school spirit might now be holding them back from reaching their best.


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Gym Floors That Fight Back! 

Sudden injuries are an athlete’s worse nightmare! Without proper equipment and flooring, a nightmare can quickly turn real. You need quality products that are safe for your athletes and prevent injuries like stressed ligaments or fractured ankles. Dynamic Sports Construction understands your situation, Coach.

That’s why our team of professionals provides some of the safest flooring products available! Learn how Dynamic Sports Construction’s flooring systems fight back injuries and help your team get to the next level.

5 Elite Floors for Your Indoor Basketball Court

Master your three-pointers on Dynamic basketball court flooring

Custom Court Flooring with Logo

Your athletes are going places, and your job is to help them get there! From college scholarships to the NBA, you need the best environment to develop your players’ skills and get them to the next level.

Providing the best training for your team doesn’t stop at layup drills and defense. You need the best equipment and court to practice your man-to-man defense. When it comes to the court everything from the basketball hoop to the floor can affect your game.


5 Things to Consider When Installing a New Gym Floor

5 Things to Consider When Installing a New Gym Floor

Installing a brand-new athletic flooring for your facility is a large investment. There is a lot to think about when deciding what products will fit best and be most useful in your space. Safety, design, and the installation process are all factors that carry equal weight when conceptualizing your new area! Make sure you have all your bases covered when it comes to assuring your installation experience is a positive one.


Which Flooring System is Right for Your Facility?

Choosing a flooring surface for your facility is a daunting task. There is so much to consider: price, customizations, maintenance, LEED credit eligibility, and the qualities of the flooring material itself. Our team at Dynamic Sports Construction wants to help you find the perfect flooring system for your space. That’s why we offer a large selection of flooring systems to accommodate everything from basketball courts to gymnasiums, multipurpose rooms, and even horse stables! We use high-quality materials with professional installation provided by our team to help ensure that the job is done right. We will help guide you toward the flooring system that is right for your facility, but you can also get a head start by reviewing your favorite options with our handy comparison guide below.


Why DynaForce® is the Right Choice for Gym Flooring

Multi Sport Court Flooring

Whether your students need a place to practice or your sports complex hosts tournaments every weekend, Dynamic Sports Construction has your flooring solution. DynaForce® is a resilient athletic flooring option that combines the support of poured flooring with the resilience of sheet systems to deliver high-performance day after day. Customizable and easy to maintain, DynaForce® is the most preferred sports flooring for gyms nationwide.

Synthetic gym flooring has been on the rise for years. It’s time to discover its full potential at your own facility. Whether you’re building a new complex or resurfacing your current flooring, DynaForce® is the solution you’ve been searching for.


12 Key Benefits of a Community Indoor Basketball Court

Indoor athletic spaces do more than create a community recreation space

As a public or private residential community, you have a responsibility to create safe facilities for your residents. When it comes time to plan for new flooring or Full pour indoor basketball court for Ravenna youth programsrenovating an existing athletic space, many request the advice of an experienced athletic sports complex builder like Dynamic Sports Construction, Inc. before starting any projects. Our experts will never tell you to undertake a project that is simply unaffordable or overambitious for your community. After all, your goal is to provide a community benefit that will be used and worth your investment.


Turning Warehouse Into K-12 Gymnasium & More

Hybrid rubber flooring in school warehouse makes new multi-purpose gym space for students

Sterling Christian School faced a unique challenge: they needed to convert a warehouse space into a functional gym space that could also perform a number of other functions. It had to be a good place for kids from Pre-K through high school. It had to be useable for school performances. It had to be a good environment for a children’s ministry. And it had to tolerate the high use that comes with a school. The list of needs required a floor that could hold up under the pressure.


Adrian College Gets New Sports Flooring Without Removing the Old Floor

Adrian College needed a new floor for their high-use campus athletic facility in Michigan. As a residential four-year college with many varsity sports teams and clubs, their athletic facility served hundreds every day. Their old Keifer floor just wasn’t holding up under the traffic, and they needed a cost-effective replacement option. The gym building had diverse flooring requirements, ranging from courts for basketball, volleyball, and tennis, to a track section and batting cages. Each of these areas required minor differences in their flooring for optimal performance.


Veterinary Hospital Chooses DynaSteed™ Flooring for Animal Safety & Comfort

When Dr. Scott Rawlinson of the Color Country Animal Hospital in Cedar City, Utah, decided to build a new facility for treating large animals, he saw an immediate problem. “I couldn’t find any flooring that impressed me,” says Dr. Rawlinson. “The products I had seen concerned me because they have seams in their floors. Animals make messes, and when you hose down the floor it seeps into the cracks and you have problems with the flooring.” Ultimately, Dr. Rawlinson decided on a finished concrete floor for his new facility. Although it wasn’t optimal, he felt it was the only choice that would offer the necessary strength to hold up under use by large animals while containing the messes they can make.