Basketball Court Resurfacing

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    We Offer Basketball Court Resurfacing That’s Built to Last!

    Many of our clients ask for basketball court resurfacing that captures the traditional look of a hardwood floor surface while also providing the elasticity and shock absorption required for indoor sports courts. That’s why we offer DynaCourt® basketball court construction!

    DynaCourt flooring is a cost-effective wood alternative to expensive, high-maintenance, traditional hardwood indoor basketball courts. DynaCourt even preserves the much sought-after wood-grain appearance!

    Bottom line? DynaCourt® is an excellent choice for basketball court resurfacing and basketball court repair! It can also be installed in any facility that requires optimum resiliency, elasticity, and shock absorption. That’s why DynaCourt is becoming a leading choice in indoor basketball resurfacing throughout America!

    Our Basketball Court Resurfacing Comes with Bonus Features You’ll Love!

    Dynamic Sports Construction, Inc. has completed DynaCourt® indoor basketball resurfacing installations across the United States in a variety of athletic facilities including fitness centers, multi-sport gyms, and, of course, numerous competition basketball courts!

    DynaCourt Basketball Court Surface:

    • Easily transitions for other activities
    • Is designed for high-use gyms
    • Is offered at an affordable price
    • Makes for a great wood alternative
    • Comes with a timely installation

    Not only is this cushioned vinyl flooring perfect for use on all levels of play for volleyball and basketball courts, but DynaCourt® basketball court surface is also the solution for YMCAs, private schools, yoga and pilates studios, and recreation centers. Plus, all our synthetic flooring products are specifically designed for high-use gyms, volleyball and basketball court flooring, multi-sport, and multipurpose facilities! Not to mention, our basketball court resurfacing is completed with high-quality products and elite construction.

    How much does it cost to resurface a basketball court?

    An ideal wood alternative to the high cost of hardwood on your athletic floor or basketball court construction project, DynaCourt® provides the same look at a fraction of the price! Whether used for leisurely activities or high competition, indoor or outdoor use, DynaCourt® offers the dimensional stability required to deliver a stable playing surface for your athlete’s protection. Dynamic Sports Construction can supply the right synthetic rubber floor for all your basketball court resurfacing needs. Plus, all our basketball repair products are designed using today’s most technologically advanced methods.

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    Dynamic Sports Construction understands your athletes and fans are demanding on their floors. From bleacher loads to late-night practices, you need basketball court resurfacing and basketball court repair options that are time-tested, long-lasting, and unfailingly durable. With DynaCourt basketball court resurfacing and repair, you get all that and more!

    Dynamic Sports Construction, Inc. is prideful of the fact that we are a full-service contractor. There’s no more wondering ‘how much does it cost to resurface a basketball court’ when you choose the Dynamic team. Our team of experienced personnel handles the installation of each basketball court repair from start to finish. We do not rely on a network of sub-contractors, so you’ll receive our exceptional customer service throughout every step of the installation process! Contact our team today to get started on your free basketball court resurfacing quote!