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    Commercial Rubber Fitness Flooring is a Sure Fit for Your Fitness Center & Commercial Sports Venue

    dynafit-gym-flooringDynaFit™ goes well beyond “fitness for purpose” in the selectorized area, the spinning room, the weight room—every space in your facility. DynaFit’s™ advanced manufacturing process makes it extremely dense, resilient and wear resistant, and all that toughness and durability comes with exceptional good looks and color combinations that make sports and fitness facilities as attractive as they are functional.


    DynaFit’s ™ tough and resilient enough to endure the most intense abuse, and its durability rises to the challenge in cardio areas, spinning rooms, entryways, corridors, warm-up areas, locker rooms – virtually any fitness facility area. Beyond fitness facilities, DynaFit™ is perfect for ice arenas, stadiums, ski resorts, golf facilities, swimming pools and more.

    dynagreenDynaFit™ is sound absorbent and non-reflective, for a quieter environment with more pleasant lighting conditions.

    DynaFit™ is made of up to 100% post-consumer tire rubber and post-industrial EPDM rubber to the strictest environmental standards. Using it can qualify your facility for LEED credits.


    Using precision water-jet cutting, your facility logo or a marketing or inspirational message can be incorporated into your DynaFit™ floor.


    We will combine our own vibrant EPDM color granules to create a custom look, just for you.