Veterinary Hospital Chooses DynaSteed™ Flooring for Animal Safety & Comfort

Veterinary Hospital Chooses DynaSteed™ Flooring for Animal Safety & Comfort

When Dr. Scott Rawlinson of the Color Country Animal Hospital in Cedar City, Utah, decided to build a new facility for treating large animals, he saw an immediate problem. “I couldn’t find any flooring that impressed me,” says Dr. Rawlinson. “The products I had seen concerned me because they have seams in their floors. Animals make messes, and when you hose down the floor it seeps into the cracks and you have problems with the flooring.” Ultimately, Dr. Rawlinson decided on a finished concrete floor for his new facility. Although it wasn’t optimal, he felt it was the only choice that would offer the necessary strength to hold up under use by large animals while containing the messes they can make.

“I found Dynamic online and talked directly with the President, Bob Wolesensky,” says Rawlinson. Although Rawlinson had not worked with Dynamic before, he was impressed by what he saw. “Most of the flooring vendors don’t know the kind of force that takes place and how hard the animals can be on the floor. You have to see it to understand.” Mr. Wolesensky agreed and personally offered to come out and look at Dr. Rawlinson’s facility, bringing samples of his materials with him. “I didn’t know if he was serious at first, but he traveled to Utah. I was impressed.”Several years later, the concrete floor revealed a significant drawback: it was slick, and that could sometimes cause problems for the animals and the staff. When one of the horses treated at the facility actually slipped on the concrete and fell, Dr. Rawlinson realized that it was time for another flooring solution. Unsatisfied with options he had found locally, he turned to the Internet and soon found Dynamic Sports Construction, Inc.

After Mr. Wolesensky’s visit, Dr. Rawlinson was convinced that Dynamic’s DynaSteed™ flooring system would be a good option. It offers a seamless finish, with none of the cracks that might allow fluids to undermine the subfloor. In addition, it is designed with horses and other large animals in mind. Because these animals require a cushioned and soft surface in order to avoid unnecessary strain, DynaSteed™ features cushioned under-layers in addition to the non-porous and non-slip top layer. It has all the cleaning benefits of concrete with none of the hazards.

Dr. Rawlinson has found the floor very easy to care for since installing it two years ago. “There is surface cleaning that we need to do because stains occur, but we are able to clean with soap, water, and some scrubbing, and it comes off well.” For most daily cleaning, Dr. Rawlinson and his staff can simply hose down the surface. The non-porous top layer ensures that the surface remains hygienic. “Overall, I’m really happy with the floor,” says Rawlinson. “There are no areas that need to be repaired, and Bob told me that if there was a problem, he would take care of it.”

The Color County Animal Hospital in Cedar City, Utah, treats everything from small animals and household pets to equines and livestock.