Gym Floors That Fight Back! 

Dynamic Sports Construction gym floor installation

Gym Floors That Fight Back! 

Sudden injuries are an athlete’s worse nightmare! Without proper equipment and flooring, a nightmare can quickly turn real. You need quality products that are safe for your athletes and prevent injuries like stressed ligaments or fractured ankles. Dynamic Sports Construction understands your situation, Coach.

That’s why our team of professionals provides some of the safest flooring products available! Learn how Dynamic Sports Construction’s flooring systems fight back injuries and help your team get to the next level.

DynaFlex® Athletic Flooring

This top performing rubber gym flooring is being used throughout the nation! There’s plenty of benefits that come with installing this floor product. The biggest highlight is its ability to prevent injuries through many years of use. Due to the blend of urethane and rubber used in DynaFlex® floors, you don’t have to worry about hard impact.

This sport flooring system also benefits your players by being responsive to their movements and easy on joints. The shock absorbing floor system also uses a seamless, full pour polyurethane that keeps it easy to maintain.

DynaForce® Systems

Another great injury fighter is the popular DynaForce® floor system. This multipurpose gym floor has several characteristics that come together to create a protective floor for athletes. The flooring tiles feature amazing energy return, a non-porous surface, and ideal shock absorption.

These elements reduce the stress on joints, decreasing athletic injuries and lowering player fatigue. This commercial gym floor is great for basketball courts among other popular sports you might see in a multipurpose gym. It also has the added benefit of being super easy to clean and refinish!

DynaSelect® Synthetic Flooring

One of the most popular basketball floor selections from Dynamic Sports Construction is the DynaSelect® flooring system! The hybrid gym floor offers the feel of wood while providing the safety of polyurethane rubber. Not only does it boast a 15-year life span, but DynaSelect® offers a superior slip and slide resistance.

The amazing traction mixed with Dynamic Sports Construction’s signature shock absorption keeps your athletes on the court and off the bench! Though an optimal choice for basketball coaches, this synthetic system can also be tailored for other popular sports. The system can be customized to your athlete’s needs with the perfect wear layer and thickness for your team.

Another awesome benefit? This floor system can be installed in conjunction with Dynamic running tracks!

DynaTurf® Gym Flooring

This flooring option is one of the most versatile synthetic floors on the market! DynaTurf® is an amazing multipurpose floor system that can support everything from basketball games to trade shows. This floor system features the latest polyurethane technology.

This element mixed with its seamless surface helps reduce athletic injuries by reducing fatigue and stress, much like our other options. This system also features amazing shock absorption and slip resistance.

IronTuff™ by DynaForce®

Finally, Dynamic Sports Construction offers a seamless and durable system for the weight room! Training for the league championship game happens on and off the court. IronTuff™ by DynaForce® helps prevent injuries with superior weight room floor technology. It features strong shock absorption, impact resistance, and superior durability.

This floor system is also great for health clubs, cardio rooms, warm-up areas, and anywhere else that requires heavy equipment.

Other Benefits 

The injury preventing floor systems at Dynamic Sports Construction offer plenty of extra benefits as well. All these synthetic surfaces are easy to install due to our expert team’s ability to build over existing floors. Most of Dynamic’s flooring options also have an average lifespan of 15 years.

So, installing these floors isn’t just a great investment for injury prevention, they’re also cost efficient. Another great component to most of these amazing hybrid and synthetic gym floors is that they’re environmentally friendly. Some of the DynaGreen systems include recycled rubber, use renewable resources, and are installed with zero mercury products.

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