Commercial Flooring

Commercial Flooring from Dynamic Sports Construction

Commercial flooring is our specialty at Dynamic Sports Construction. From athletic facilities to schools, we’ve mastered synthetic and rubber floors with outstanding products that you can only find from our contractors. We offer durable, environment-friendly flooring products that feature shock absorption, hygienic properties, and easy maintenance.

Learn more about the different commercial facilities we install high-performing flooring products across the nation.

Offices, Schools & Hospitals

You can find more than just sports flooring at Dynamic Sports Construction. We also offer experience installing commercial rubber flooring for offices, schools and hospitals throughout the country. The esteemed DynaDeco™ floor system is known for its hygienic, multi-purpose qualities and is great for cafeteria flooring, operation rooms, and classes of all levels.

The multi-purpose floor features a beautiful marble design that can be customized to match your facility’s colors. The durable floor is easy to clean and boasts a 15-year life span. The floor goes one step further when you ask to include the anti-slip coating that adds an extra layer of safety for hospital floors and school flooring.

The terrazzo floor system is also great for showrooms, board rooms, reception halls, convention centers, and other commercial spaces with heavy foot traffic.

Athletic Facilities

Dynamic Sports Construction excels in developing and installing excellent commercial flooring for several different sports. With amazing color customizations and an exclusive collection of floor products to choose from, you’ll find the perfect synthetic flooring for training. Our commercial floor contractors are ready to help you find the perfect commercial floor to install at your athletic center.

We offer top-performing athletic flooring products for multi-purpose gyms, basketball courts, weight rooms, and more.

Indoor Courts & Gyms

Our durable gym flooring is built with athletes and coaches in mind. All of our synthetic floor options are easy on the joints and prevent common injuries seen from traditional wooden courts. The synthetic floors also create endless possibilities for multi-purpose courts and gyms with up to 12 colorways.

Find comfort in a shock-absorbing DynaCourt® system or the durability of our multi-purpose DynaFlex® flooring.

Need a more elite basketball gym? Our DynaSelect™ flooring product gives you the look and feel of wood while offering the durability of synthetic floor systems. Capitalize on the elite energy return while enjoying the optimal shock absorption your athletes need to stay in the game.

Fitness & Recreation Centers

The commercial flooring products at Dynamic Sports Construction keep athletes safe on and off the court. We offer commercial floor installation for fitness centers and weight rooms across the country. Whether your team needs a new weight room at school or you’re getting ready to open a new gym, our commercial flooring contractors can help you choose and install the right floor.

We offer products like DynaFit™ and DynaForce® IronTuff™ for optimal weight room and fitness performance. Just like our other high-performance floors, we offer customizable color combinations to match your school colors or brand. IronTuff™ is easy to resurface without having to remove or dispose of the existing surface while DynaFit™ does wonders for any fitness facility and is made of 100% post-consumer tire rubber.

From ice arenas to stadiums, we have the experience and knowledge to install the best commercial floors for your facility.

Get Dynamic

The benefits of using a Dynamic Sports Construction floor system are endless. You can’t go wrong with the collection of floor products designed to perform in a variety of spaces and expert contractors with experience to guide you through the selection process. No matter what your facility needs, we have the perfect commercial floor product for your commercial space. Call us today at (800) 517-0015 for a quote on your new floor installation or resurface.