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    Durable Commercial Rubber Floor Systems for Medical Facilities & Schools are Hygienic for High-Traffic Areas & Infection Control.

    Terrazzo Floor Look for Commercial Applications

    terrazzo-look-rubber-floorDynaDeco’s™ appealing Terrazzo look is ideal for schools, hospitals, businesses – anywhere a professional-looking, durable, hygienic multi-use floor is needed.

    With its advanced technology, DynaDeco™ is a beauty. This system offers an appealing Terrazzo look, available in a wide range of colors to compliment your décor, whether board room, school cafeteria, hallway, reception area, classroom, showroom, or healthcare facility.

    As with Dynamic Sports Construction’s other seamless – therein hygienic – polyurethane systems, DynaDeco™ is easy to clean, inexpensive to maintain.

    terrazzo-closeThe system’s sophisticated blend of polyurethane and rubber aggregate delivers high performance and greater durability, and its special full-pour polyurethane surface will not separate or delaminate.

    DynaDeco’s™ tensile strength ensures it can take on bleacher loads, banquet tables, weighty equipment and more. Made using rapidly renewable resources, ultra low VOC components and recycled materials, it’s an environment-friendly product, can be re-used/re-cycled and is eligible for LEED credits. Win-win-win!

    DynaDeco™ – professional, flexible, durable…and great to look at.

    • Easy to clean and disinfect due to its seamless, non-porous surface
    • 15+ year life span, ease of care = cost-efficiency
    • Can be customized with an antislip coating.
    • More architecturally pleasing, easily matched to your décor
    • Durable enough to handle rolling loads, weighty equipment, banquet tables and more
    • Flexible – from surgery to reception, classroom to bathroom, boardroom to hallway
    • Environmental stewardship – DynaDeco™ is recyclable, eligible for 6+ LEED points and installed with Zero heavy metal product formulations
    • Special waterborne UV-cured polyurethane finish


    It’s your floor; we’ll tailor it to your needs! Choose…

    • Your look! This beautiful Terazzo system comes in a wide array of colors and marble/granite looks –
      or we can create the one you want. We can even personalize your system.
    • Your system thickness starting at 3/16 inch
    • The surface texture and wear layer you prefer
    • The right warranty for your investment

    The best attributes of seamless systems with various Terrazzo EPDM designs, DynaDeco™ addresses all your underfoot and aesthetic needs.


    DynaDeco™. Professional, Durable, Flexible and Absolutely Beautiful. The ideal interior flooring solution.

    The Dynamic Story:
    We are a premiere, full-service contractor specializing only in high performance and multipurpose flooring solutions. An American company, we take pride in delivering products made entirely in the USA in an ISO 9001-2000 certified facility.

    We proudly serve every state in the nation with the most experienced installation technicians in the industry. Our teams install 120+ technologically advanced flooring solutions annually. No subcontractors. And we manufacture, sell and install directly to you, the customer, delivering a better product at a better price.