Gym Flooring Resurfacing Services

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    Synthetic, rubber gym flooring can refresh outdated indoor gym floors

    Dynamic Sports Construction, Inc. offers professional gym floor resurfacing services to help your organization save money and prolong the life of your gym floor. High-quality rubber gym flooring is an acceptable solution for a multitude of sports facilities from wrestling rooms to weight rooms. Our company handles all aspect of the construction process, from design to installation, and never uses sub-contractors. Don’t waste money on a complete gym flooring overhaul – choose Dynamic Sports Construction, Inc. to improve performance and durability at an affordable cost.

    Custom Flooring Options

    From rolled rubber mats to interlocking rubber tiles, Dynamic Sports Construction, Inc. can design and outfit your indoor gymnasium with the synthetic floor system to meet your needs. You can choose from our exclusive range of flooring systems that were developed for optimal use and performance.Indoor Gymnasium flooring

    • DynaForce® This popular system is ideal for busy facilities that need their gymnasium floor to stand up to heavy use. With greater customization available and superior energy return from athletes, it is ideal for frequent practices and games.
    • DynaCourt® Solid PVC flooring that mimics hardwood comes in Maple, Golden Cherry or Oak hues. You can achieve the traditional wood gym flooring appearance, without any of the tedious upkeep. Plus, it’s more reliable so you can use it day after day with no down time in between uses.
    • DynaTurf® The go-to solution for multipurpose rooms and indoor tracks, this flooring system is designed for high performance. It features a non-porous surface which makes it easy to maintain and keeps your flooring hygienic.

    We are proud to say that our synthetic gym surfaces have been used in hundreds of field houses, gymnasiums and fitness centers across the country. Dynamic Sports Construction, Inc. is the preferred choice for runners as well as sports facility and fitness center managers due to our low-maintenance products that last for years to come. We are proud to be among the most-respected companies in our industry, and we work hard to ensure that we remain a part of this elite group.

    If you’re in the market for multi-sports flooring, we’re certain that Dynamic Sports Construction, Inc. has the high-quality products you need. We ensure that each system order is delivered in a timely and thorough manner. To get started, contact us online to request an estimate!