Turning Warehouse Into K-12 Gymnasium & More

Turning Warehouse Into K-12 Gymnasium & More

Hybrid rubber flooring in school warehouse makes new multi-purpose gym space for students

Sterling Christian School faced a unique challenge: they needed to convert a warehouse space into a functional gym space that could also perform a number of other functions. It had to be a good place for kids from Pre-K through high school. It had to be useable for school performances. It had to be a good environment for a children’s ministry. And it had to tolerate the high use that comes with a school. The list of needs required a floor that could hold up under the pressure.

“A regular rubber floor would have been too soft to play middle and high school sports,” he reasoned. “Our gym isn’t really big enough for a wood floor and I was afraid that since it had garage doors, if water leaked in it would ruin the floor. So getting rubber that looks like wood is the best of both worlds. Wood is too hard to clean and it must be polished, which isn’t cost-efficient so that didn’t make sense for our school.” On a tight budget with high usability demands, Coach Dove picked the DynaSelect™ HD flooring system.

Designed to mimic wood without the cost and hassle, DynaSelect™ was exactly what Sterling’s new facility needed. It would hold up under the constant traffic, while also staying dry should there ever be a leak. It is easy to clean as well, requiring little more than water. In addition, it never needs to be polished. “You would think a rubber floor that’s used for so many different things would be hard to clean, but all we need is water and a towel, and some days a dust mop is all that it takes,” says Coach Dove.

With a tight timetable, Dynamic began installation on February 1st, 2011. The installation was completed in two weeks, a timeline that impressed Coach Dove. In order to ensure that everything had been properly arranged, Bob Wolesensky, Dynamic’s President, personally came out to oversee the planning phase at Sterling. “Bob was great,” says Dove. “He came out and explained what they were going to do and how they would do it in a simple way. He explained it to us so that we understood what was happening. I would recommend Dynamic Sports Construction to anybody anywhere who is looking to get a court.”

Sterling Classical School brings a Biblical, classical education to North Texas and the Austin region. It is an independent and private school following the ideals of Charlotte Mason hands-on experiential learning. The curriculum helps students enjoy their education and grow into independent and well-rounded individuals, and involves parents as active teaching partners. The school has an active community and seeks to involve students and their parents in the greater community.

After researching the different flooring options, Coach Christopher Dove realized that Sterling needed a hybrid floor when he came across Dynamic Sports Construction, Inc. “I had seen a lot of their work on the website and was intrigued with getting a floor that plays like wood but is rubber,” explains Coach Dove.