Custom Indoor Basketball Court Installations

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    Our Indoor Basketball Courts are Perfect for Any Athletic Space

    Out of all the custom indoor basketball court builders nearby, Dynamic Sports Construction is the top choice. We have been in business for over 30 years and offer many types of flooring to meet your exact basketball court floor construction needs.

    Indoor Basketball Court Environment

    One of the obvious benefits to an indoor basketball court is a climate-controlled environment. Playing basketball in the muggy heat is no fun and will affect your performance. Heat and humidity are the two main causes of energy drain during your practice or game. Make sure to invest in an indoor basketball court to provide your team with a cool and crisp environment that lets them focus on their best practice.

    • Optimal Health Conditions

    Practicing basketball outdoors during the summer can put significant strain on the body. Heatstroke and dehydration are serious conditions that can come about from an outdoor game or practice session. With an indoor court you will give your players the best play space possible.

    • Safety

    Day or night, you can always play on your indoor basketball court. With proper lighting and safety in place you can better focus on your game and not worry about outside distractions.

    • More Practice Time

    How many times have you had to cancel a game or practice because of hail, lightning, or snow? With an indoor court you’ll reduce the amount of cancellations from inclement weather.

    basketball sitting on the floor of an indoor basketball court

    Wear and Tear

    The quality of your basketball flooring plays an important role in your game play. By opting for an indoor court, you don’t have to worry about the elements like the sun and rain causing extra wear and tear. Paint bubbling and chipping are some of the side effects that would require extra maintenance to keep the court in optimal shape.

    Benefits for Playing and Practicing

    Since we have more control over indoor courts and their environments, we are able to put special equipment in place to make them work just as hard as you do. Urethane and rubber are used in our floors to make them easier on the joints. With a sturdy and reliable indoor court, you have less of a chance of contracting sports related injuries.

    From weight rooms to indoor basketball courts, we are the providers for all your multipurpose gym flooring needs. Big or small we are happy to provide you and your team with the highest quality sports flooring surfaces available. Contact us today to get your court started!