Resurface Options for Sports Flooring

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    Dynamic Sports Construction, Inc. focuses on many varieties of sports flooring. We specialize in the design and manufacture, supply and installation of all types of synthetic athletic sports flooring for many decades, and it shows. We take sports flooring construction seriously — and offer more than 10 years of experience in the installation of rubber sports flooring for fitness centers, worship facilities and complexes, indoor basketball courts and much more. Every single flooring surface we furnish and install receives the undivided attention of our experienced team of specialists.

    Dynamic Sports Construction is a primary synthetic wood flooring contractor that also offers rubber flooring for sports applications. Our business is dedicated to creating, installing and maintaining high-quality flooring options for all of our clients’ needs. We understand there are certain specifications our clients require for their gym, multipurpose room, fitness complex or indoor sports facility surfaces. We know how to meet and exceeds those needs with our high-quality products which are durable, aesthetically pleasing, easy to maintain and inexpensive to replace. We are certain that our DynaForce® sports flooring systems are the answer you are looking for

    DURABILITY: Our DynaForce® seamless, polyurethane floors offers unsurpassed durability, and we offer other premium flooring construction for sports facilities as well. Our systems can accommodate bleachers, tables and chairs, stages (you name it), plus provide your athletes with the best in synthetic athletic sports flooring for a multitude of surfaces.

    AESTHETICS AND MAINTENANCE: Our sports flooring surfaces are seamless and will not separate over time. We also include a special coating that helps to resist stains and maintain aesthetics for years to come.

    LOW-COST REPLACEMENT: Unlike other products, DynaForce® indoor floor systems are budget friendly to refinish. No costly removal or replacement is necessary.

    Dynamic is a unique entity in our industry in that our primary focus is on construction rather than merely the manufacturing of sports flooring for athletic facilities. Unlike other companies, Dynamic is a sole-source provider of rubber sports flooring for multipurpose and sports facilities. With Dynamic, you get experienced experts whose sole focus is to provide you with the best sports floor in the industry.