Resurface Your Rubber Gym Flooring With DynaForce®

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    Quality Gym Resurfacing From Dynamic Sports Construction

    Our DynaForce® hybrid system is a quality athletic flooring option that is great for resurfacing different gym floors and arenas. Dynamic Sports Construction understands the value of features like shock absorption and heavy-duty materials. Small weight rooms to tournament style basketball courts, we have you covered from pad to pour.

    Our unique flooring construction uses a pre-manufactured rubber base paired with a polyurethane wear layer. This makes our DynaForce® system a great gym flooring option for various sports gyms and arenas.

    Flooring That Uses Quality Materials

    Resurfacing your worn-out gym floor with our high impact Dynaforce® flooring system comes with many benefits. Our rubber gym flooring is built for high performance competition, features an airtight surface, and boasts a 15+ year life span. The shock absorbing floor system allows you to choose the amount of padding and can be customized with various color options.

    Other benefits of resurfacing with our DynaForce® systems include:

    • Flexibility
    • Greater tensile strength
    • Superior energy return

    Time & Cost Efficient Installation

    Our team also makes it easy to install your new athletic floor in a timely manner. Our gym floor resurfacing approach allows us to replace your current worn down floors without removing the surface you have. This also means you can save money on the cost of taking out and disposing your old gym floor.

    Our quality DynaForce® rubber gym floors are also great for your wallet in the long run. After years of dropped weights, you’ll find that a basic refinish will bring your floors back to life. This helps you save money on the expense of removing or replacing your rubber gym floors.

    Easy Maintenance & Care

    You can also use our synthetic floor maintenance products to keep your floors fresh and help them last longer. We offer a neutral cleaner that makes it easy to clean your synthetic gym floors. It’s a great odorless option to keep your floor streak free after all the heavy foot traffic.

    We also offer a synthetic floor stripper when you’re looking for something stronger to restore and protect floors. The heavy duty product is designed for mop use and is easy to apply. The cleaning product is safe for a variety of surfaces and works in just a few minutes.

    Built To Last

    Our rubber flooring is made to withstand the wear and tear of different weather conditions. Rubber surfacing is also a prime choice when considering the heavy foot traffic of players. Our DynaForce® flooring system won’t splinter under the rough falls of athletes and offers shock absorption to reduce injuries.

    Our rubber floor systems can easily last at least 10 years which is about the time professional athletes replace their floors. Dynaforce® also makes it easy to resurface, so you can restore our floors instead of replacing them. Whether you’re resurfacing your outdoor courts or gym floors, Dynaforce® is a quality choice that will last year after year.

    DynaForce® Is The Eco-Friendly Choice

    We’re proud to say that our rubber gym flooring is safe for the environment. The athletic flooring system is made with recyclable rubber making it eligible for six LEED points. Our DynaForce® rubber floors are also installed with product formulations that contain zero mercury.

    Whether your facility is preparing for heavy weights, or your gym floors need to be replaced, Dynamic Sports construction is available. We can help you through the planning to installation of our quality rubber gym flooring system. Stop by our Flooring Design Center to get an idea of what you’re looking for now.