Adrian College Gets New Sports Flooring Without Removing the Old Floor

Adrian College Gets New Sports Flooring Without Removing the Old Floor

Adrian College needed a new floor for their high-use campus athletic facility in Michigan. As a residential four-year college with many varsity sports teams and clubs, their athletic facility served hundreds every day. Their old Keifer floor just wasn’t holding up under the traffic, and they needed a cost-effective replacement option. The gym building had diverse flooring requirements, ranging from courts for basketball, volleyball, and tennis, to a track section and batting cages. Each of these areas required minor differences in their flooring for optimal performance.

From the beginning, Mr. Duffy was pleased with his choice of Dynamic’s DynaForce® hybrid flooring system. “The biggest reason we chose Dynamic was their attention to detail,” says Duffy. “They promised to help us solve our problem and stayed true to their word. They didn’t pull any punches and were very honest, forthcoming, and quick to respond to any questions we had. They treated the facility like it was their own front room and seemed to genuinely want it to look presentable for everyone.”Mike Duffy, the Athletic Director at Adrian, began his search for new flooring on the Internet. He carefully considered the top flooring companies nationwide and soon came across Dynamic Sports Construction, Inc. Mr. Duffy soon got in touch with Bob Wolesensky, the President of Dynamic to discuss the specifics of Adrian College’s needs. “We were looking to save money, and tearing up the old floor wasn’t cost-efficient,” explains Duffy. “Dynamic came in with a great solution and was able to save us money by pouring on top of our old floor.”

Because the facility required such diverse flooring for its various uses, Dynamic custom-designed each area with the particular needs of that space in mind. Working closely with Mr. Duffy, Dynamic helped create a solution for every space. The exact materials and cushioning were considered, as was the level of grit used. Each area is optimized for its exact needs.

Dynamic’s flooring solution was installed in 2005, and Adrian College has been pleased with it since. “It’s holding up great, outstanding. No issues,” says Mr. Duffy of the flooring. The gym sees incredibly high traffic during the school year, with almost constant use from 6 AM until Midnight or 1 AM. It is cleaned daily, if not multiple times each day. It has held up under that pressure and continues to benefit the school’s athletes by helping them avoid shin splints and stress fractures that result from an improperly hard surface.

Mr. Duffy remains in contact with Dynamic whenever questions arise about the new floor. “When we had questions such as how to clean the floor or touch up paint, they were quick to respond. They didn’t try to sell us high-dollar machines to clean the floor, but offered practical advice and didn’t nickel and dime us on the little things. I can’t say enough about their attention to detail.”

Adrian College is a private liberal arts and sciences college located in Michigan. It offers traditional four-year programs in a co-educational, residential environment focused completely on undergraduates. With strong academic programs and thriving student life (including more than 22 varsity and 3 club sports) Adrian offers the complete college experience to prepare students for any path in life.