Why DynaForce® is the Right Choice for Gym Flooring

Why DynaForce® is the Right Choice for Gym Flooring

Multi Sport Court Flooring

Whether your students need a place to practice or your sports complex hosts tournaments every weekend, Dynamic Sports Construction has your flooring solution. DynaForce® is a resilient athletic flooring option that combines the support of poured flooring with the resilience of sheet systems to deliver high-performance day after day. Customizable and easy to maintain, DynaForce® is the most preferred sports flooring for gyms nationwide.

Synthetic gym flooring has been on the rise for years. It’s time to discover its full potential at your own facility. Whether you’re building a new complex or resurfacing your current flooring, DynaForce® is the solution you’ve been searching for.

Resilient Athletic Flooring

The goal with developing DynaForce® was to offer gyms greater customization options. Every organization has different needs, which is why it doesn’t make sense to lock schools and gyms into a flooring system that doesn’t perform the way they need it to. Our synthetic floor is available with different thicknesses of padding to provide the perfect amount of support and give for athletes. It has high tensile capabilities to accommodate event tables or booths, gym equipment and bleachers.

High Performance

We understand that your athlete’s safety is of utmost importance. With every impact, a great deal of pressure is applied to joints and muscles. A synthetic flooring system can relieve some of that impact and save athletes from injuries down the road. Greater shock absorption makes DynaForce® the safest, highest performing gym floor available today.

Long-Lasting Solution

With life span of over 15 years, DynaForce® is a sound, budget-friendly investment for gyms of all sizes. If your gym flooring does need to be updated, the process is quick and easy. Our team can help you avoid expensive removal and reconstruction processes by refinishing the flooring. Also, cleanup is a breeze! Forget time-consuming cleaning routines and expensive upkeep. Our seamless, non-porous surfaces are also sanitary and improve durability overall.

Multipurpose Room Flexibility

Not all gyms are designed with a single purpose. For most facilities, this space may need to accommodate a tournament one weekend and an event for the community the next. DynaForce® gives your organization the flexibility to do all of that with little downtime in between. We can also help your facility accommodate multiple sports activities at once, like a running track surrounding your basketball court. The options are endless!

Aesthetic Appeal

Our team will work with you to create a gym flooring system you can be proud of for years to come. Choose from special finishes, colors, line design, and other customizations. We can design a court that has a more traditional look or a more colorful look with your team’s colors.

The most durable, safest and cost-effective flooring solution for gyms is DynaForce®. Look no further than Dynamic Sports Construction for high quality products installed by our experts. Request a quote today!