DynaWood™: Unrivaled Resilient Athletic Flooring

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    ynawood - Premier Sports & Gymnasium FlooringTransform your facility with DynaWood™, a groundbreaking solution that blends aesthetics and durability in gymnasium flooring. Experience the next level of resilience designed to withstand the demands of rolling bleachers and heavy equipment.

    Unmatched Resilience

    Discover the superior resilience of DynaWood® for gym flooring that goes beyond expectations. Traditional foam-backed PVC products often fail under pressure, leaving unsightly indents. DynaWood™ stands strong, maintaining its form even with heavy loads.

    • Eliminates compression setting issues common in traditional flooring.
    • Resists imprints from rolling bleachers and heavy equipment.
    • Ideal for high-traffic gymnasiums and multipurpose floors.

    Aesthetic Appeal with Durability

    Immerse your space in the warmth of wood aesthetics without compromising on durability. DynaWood® is the preferred rubber gym flooring for schools, churches, and recreation centers. It ensures a pristine wood-like appearance during various events that can withstand the heavy traffic of spectators and attendees.

    • Seamlessly combines wood-like aesthetics with robust durability.
    • Suitable for schools, churches, and recreation centers.
    • Withstands the demands of stages, tables, and chairs.

    Eco-Friendly Choice

    Choose sustainability without sacrificing performance – DynaWood® is the eco-conscious gym flooring solution. Crafted with a shock absorption layer made from 95% recycled content, DynaWood™ minimizes its carbon footprint with USA-based manufacturing.

    • Eco-friendly with a shock absorption layer from recycled content.
    • Made in the USA, reducing the carbon footprint.
    • Contribute to a greener future with DynaWood™.

    Trusted by Schools, Churches, and Recreation Centers

    Join the ranks of satisfied schools, churches, and recreation centers that trust DynaWood™ for their flooring needs. From vibrant school events to serene church gatherings and lively recreation center activities, DynaWood™ delivers top-notch performance.

    • Preferred choice for schools, churches, and recreation centers.
    • Versatile solution for diverse events and activities.
    • Trusted performance in various facilities.

    Customizable Options for Your Unique Vision

    Elevate your space with DynaWood’s™ customizable options that allow you to bring your unique vision to life. Tailor your gymnasium or multipurpose floor to match your aesthetic preferences and facility design with our range of customizable features.

    • Several size options to fit the dimensions of your space.
    • Extensive color palette to complement your facility’s design.
    • Logo integration options to showcase your facility
    • Variety of surface finishes to choose from
    • Custom court markings

    At Dynamic Sports Construction, we are a premiere, full-service contractor specializing exclusively in high-performance and multipurpose flooring solutions. Our experienced in-house installation technicians, champions with 15+ years in the industry, ensure the highest quality installations directly to you – no subcontractors.

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