Polyurethane – The Performance Surface Material Of The Future

Polyurethane – The Performance Surface Material Of The Future

Today’s high-performance sports construction is all about materials. Companies are always pushing the envelope with new designs that offer better impact protection for athletes, as well as superior durability for long-lasting flooring solutions. Dynamic Sports Construction has long been a pioneer in this field, creating new flooring solutions for everything from basketball courts and indoor tracks to equine facilities. In recent years, we’ve turned to a rejuvenated and new generation of an old standby: polyurethane, specifically our DynaFlex® system.

An Old Product, Revitalized For 21st Century Athletes

If you’ve been involved with sports over the years, you probably remember the first introduction of polyurethane. It was once a tough service that had a pretty severe environmental impact and wasn’t particularly good for athletes. Now, however, it’s undergone a change similar to the change evident in polyester. Both of them strongly emphasize being green, and in fact, Dynamic Sports Construction Inc. flooring is using the new polyurethane and is one of the greenest products on the market today.

Today’s polyurethane has no heavy metals or VOCs that might cause harm to your athletes as they use the surface. It is proven to be a safe, durable material that offers superior performance in a variety of applications. Many of our clients say that it offers the best features of wood, with none of the drawbacks.

Green And Sustainable Polyurethane

Modern polyurethane is a very green substance for a number of reasons. First, it’s incredibly durable and long lasting. When you install a polyurethane-based floor, you won’t have to replace it for years. That saves a lot on material cost to install a new system if you had chosen something less durable. Polyurethane’s durability is so impressive that it will usually outlast whatever material it is used in!

In addition, the process of creating today’s polyurethane is surprisingly efficient as well. Polyurethanes use less than 0.1% of all oil consumed worldwide. Using polyurethane instead of a less environmentally friendly alternative will save 100 times the materials that it took to make the polyurethane.

How Is It Made?

Polyurethane is created by a specialized chemical reaction. The company combines a diisocynate with a polyol, setting off a reaction that produces a totally new type of substance. This is the substance that is called polyurethane and used in many different applications. This reaction requires relatively little energy to sustain, and has relatively few by-products when compared with other manufacturing options. In addition, the finished product requires almost no further processing or refinement.

Polyurethane Protects Athletes And Looks Great For Years

It’s no surprise that many high-end athletic facilities around the world are now choosing polyurethane bases for their flooring. Today’s options allow for more layering of materials, providing a cushioned surface for athletes that still offer the required support. Polyurethane is durable yet soft, helping to prevent injuries like shin splints or other stress-based conditions.

For more information about the benefits of polyurethane based flooring, contact us at Dynamic Sports Construction Inc. and talk to one of our sports flooring experts. We use green polyurethane extensively in our floors, and we’d love to tell you more about it!