New Flooring For Midland University’s New Athletic Center

New Flooring For Midland University’s New Athletic Center

In early 2006, Midland University built its new multi-purpose event center. Replacing an old and outdated facility, this new building had to be incredibly flexible and useful for many different types of events. The general contractor knew that it would need to hold up through PE classes, team practices, banquets, concerts, and more. Plus, it needed to handle wear and tear from spikes and hard activities such as the shot put. Recognizing these very diverse needs, the general contractor recommended that Midland choose an indoor flooring system.

“We needed more functionality than what we had with our previous facility,” says Keith Klemme, Athletic Director at Midland University. Midland had been using an old tartan floor but found it restrictive for the student athletes and undesirable for the space. “There is nothing worse for basketball and volleyball players than to not be able to practice on a wood floor, which is what happened in our old facility. Now our floor is textured, so we can use spikes,” says Klemme. “It better simulates what they will compete on during an outdoor track meet which is extremely advantageous.”

The floor was installed in 2006 and has proven very durable over the following years. As a school facility, the floor sees daily use during the school year. It is used throughout the day for classes and sports team practices, then in the evenings, it is frequently used to host banquets for hundreds of people. In addition, as the school is located in the Midwest, it commonly hosts practices year round as the weather limits outdoor sports. “Not only is it practical but athletically has a great deal of benefits. We couldn’t be happier with the results,” says Klemme.

The new space offers opportunities for efficiency that previously didn’t exist. Midland is no longer constrained by the need to protect their old floor. Dynamic’s flooring can handle the stress of shot-put and track practice while wearing spikes. Without the old floor to constrain them, Midland’s athletes can practice where and when they want. “The new floor opened up more opportunities for additional events. It’s very practical and athletically has tremendous benefits,” says Klemme. “We are much more efficient with our use of space because of the new floor.”

Midland University is an undergraduate college providing a liberal arts education in Fremont, Nebraska. Students at Midland can choose from more than 50 different majors, including pre-professional programs. Midland’s variety of programs can prepare students to enter a technical or vocational field after graduation, or to go onward to study at a graduate level.

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