DynaForce® Systems

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    You’ll find DynaForce® at hundreds of universities, schools, and recreational facilities nationwide.

    DynaForce® is a hybrid system of multipurpose athletic flooring that provides support and durability for all athletes. It merges the best attributes of sheet and poured systems to deliver truly amazing basketball court flooring. The beauty of this system isn’t just amazing looks. DynaForce® is about superior performance, safety and flexibility. Consider it for multiple sports including basketball, volleyball, PE, aerobics, soccer, football drills, and more.

    This exclusive indoor court construction and flooring from Dynamic Sports Construction delivers:

    • Greater customization, so you choose more or less padding and more or less resilience for your needs
    • Superior energy return for higher performance competition
    • Greater tensile strength for superior static and rolling load characteristics ─ think banquet tables, bleacher loads, fitness equipment
    • Seamless, non-porous surface enhances performance, durability and sanitation
    • Easy, cost-efficient updating through refinishing ─ no expensive removal or replacement
    • Durability ─ 15+ year life span!
    • Ideal shock absorption for high performance and safety.
    • Long-term aesthetic appeal ─ choose from our special finishes, colors (at least eight to choose from) and other customizations.
    • Flexibility ─ it works in conjunction with our indoor track flooring and other multi-purpose products.
    • Environmental stewardship ─ DynaForce® is recyclable, eligible for more than six LEED points and installed with our Zero Mercury product formulations.

    All of this provides your athletes reduced joint stress and fatigue, fewer injuries, greater player confidence, better quality training, and greater overall playing comfort.

    Next-generation basketball court floors with ISO-9001 certification

    We Customize Each DynaForce® System to Your Needs. Choose from the Following:

    • Your system thickness, from 6 mm to 16 mm, for desired performance
    • The surface texture and wear layer you need, from tennis to track
    • The right warranty for your multipurpose athletic flooring investment
    • Customized color, logo and layout choices

    DynaForce® delivers unmatched durability through its incredibly strong top layer that will not separate over time. And it can be refinished without costly removal or replacement.


    Use Your New Basketball Court Floors for New Multipurpose Athletic Uses

    When you install any of our indoor basketball court floor systems at your school or fitness facility, you open up so many doors for multipurpose uses. It’s now ok to have multiple sports, athletic training, aerobics, fitness equipment and even street shoes on DynaForce® systems.

    • Low life-cycle cost due to ease of refinishing ─ no removal or replacement necessary
    • Available in a range of shock absorption levels, DynaForce® special recycled rubber pad delivers better, more consistent shock absorption and is eligible for LEED points
    • Specifically designed comfort layer returns maximum dimensional memory and load capacity
    • Special UV-cured polyurethane finish

    Your facility needs an upgrade. Contact Dynamic Sports Construction to handle your indoor court construction and resurfacing project. Our installers have more than three decades’ experience in the sports flooring industry, including 10 years with Dynamic Sports Construction. We are positive you will find incredible value from our products. Request your on-site consultation to see the difference for yourself!

    The Dynamic Story:
    We are a premiere, full-service contractor specializing only in high performance and multipurpose flooring solutions. An American company, we take pride in delivering products made entirely in the USA in an ISO 9001-2000 certified facility.

    We proudly serve every state in the nation with the most experienced installation technicians in the industry. Our teams install 120+ technologically advanced flooring solutions annually. No subcontractors. And we manufacture, sell and install directly to you, the customer, delivering a better product at a better price.

    Environmental stewardship is at the core of the Dynamic philosophy. We create recyclable products from locally sourced materials, re-using existing and rapidly renewable resources. Our VOC compliant, sustainable systems are eligible for LEED points, require fewer chemicals and are installed with Zero-Mercury product formulations.