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DynaFlex®: High performance sports flooring built for game courts & heavy traffic from multiple events

If you need a high performance game court and multipurpose floor, a floor that can handle a heavy load, DynaFlex® is the solution. A perfect blend of resiliency and durability, DynaFlex® is designed to meet the wide variety of needs that most facilities have (tournaments, dances, commencement exercises). DynaFlex®, by Dynamic Sports Construction, Inc., features a blend of urethane and rubber that yield both high performance and durability. The system’s full-pour polyurethane provides a seamless surface that’s inexpensive and easy to maintain. DynaFlex® will not delaminate or separate over time, as with many many pre-fabricated sheet good systems, and will serve your facility well for years to come.


Adding to the floor’s life span through refinishing is simple and inexpensive with no costly removal or replacement needed. So while athletes will enjoy the energy return they experience on DynaFlex®, facility managers will revel in the knowledge that their floor can take more than the standard workout… And keep giving back for years to come.