DynaFlex® Athletic Flooring

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    High-performance rubber flooring for gyms

    Athletic surfaces, made to last. DynaFlex® from Dynamic Sports Construction is the most durable options for sport court surfaces. Our expert construction and state-of-the-art design services combine to make a long-lasting, easy to maintain floor for your facility.


    Durable Rubber Gym Flooring

    The perfect blend of resiliency and durability, DynaFlex® is designed to meet the unique needs of your facility. This system features a blend of urethane and rubber that yields high performance results. The system’s full-pour polyurethane provides a seamless surface that’s inexpensive and easy to maintain. DynaFlex® will not delaminate or separate over time, as with many pre-fabricated sheet good systems, and will serve your facility well for years to come.

    Improved Athletic Performance

    DynaFlex® is a popular choice for athletes because it helps boost performance naturally. Compared to wooden courts, our advanced flooring is easy on joints and is more responsive to movement. Each motion is absorbed and lessens the impact on the players. This technology prevents injuries over time, making DynaFlex® the safest option for athletes.

    Quality Sport Floor

    Rubber gym flooring is extremely easy to maintain and lasts longer than traditional indoor sport courts. You don’t have to factor in frequent repairs or expensive replacements because DynaFlex® is simply built to last.

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