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Here is a selection of testimonials from satisfied customers of Dynamic Sports Construction. These testimonials are un-edited. We try our best to please our customers and provide the best customer service along with a high standard of work.

Heath Halley - Superintendent at Putnam County R-1 Schools in Unionville, MO
"Dynamic Sports Construction Inc. is a "#1 Class Act". Their construction crew was clean, quick and efficient. The work was quality and the floor turned out to be exactly the same. The Sales Representative made the process easy and his team did excellent work. I would definitely do business with them again."

Scott Lykins - Operations Manager at West Cabarrus Church in Concord, NC
"My floor looks GREAT! The foreman was very knowledgeable and informative about the project. He kept me updated on the project and was very through and helpful. I would recommend your company to anyone who asks. Thank You!"

Coach Dove - Athletic Director, Sterling Classical School
"We researched many flooring options and were intrigued by a floor that performs like wood but is made with polyurethane rubber. Our athletes love it. DynaSelect is easy to clean and no worries about moisture. I would highly recommend this floor for basketball and multipurpose activities."

Mike Duffy - Athletic Director at Adrian College
"The biggest reason we chose Dynamic was their attention to detail, they promised to help us solve our problem and stayed true to their word. They didn't pull any punches and were very honest, forthcoming, and quick to respond to any questions we had. They treated the facility like it was their own front room and seemed to genuinely want it to look presentable for everyone."

Dr Rawlinson
"The competitor's products that I saw concerned me because they all had seams. Animals are messy and when you hose down the floor it seeps into cracks which can cause problems with the flooring. I also found it to be beneficial that it curves up the wall so there isn't a seam on the wall, either. It makes it very easy to clean and maintain. We're able to take care of surface stains with soap, water and a little bit of scubbing. The traction that the floor provides has been veru helpful for our animals' safety."