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Renew, Restore and Revive Your Multipurpose Athletic Floors & Basketball Courts with Synthetic Resurfacing

The highest performance resilient floor on the market.

We at Dynamic Sports Construction, Inc. recognize that your synthetic surface has seen optimal use during basketball games, banquets, track meets or even graduation ceremonies, and after years of use, the floor is ready for an overhaul.

American-Made Synthetic Flooring is a PERFECT Solution for Worn Sports Floors

Our DynaTurf® resurfacing system is the perfect solution for the wear and tear that your floor has received. This simple procedure is done at a significant savings and without the costly removal of the existing surface.

You are not only saving money with a Dynamic resurface, but the process is also a time saver. No delays waiting for floor removal and disposal.

With our resurfacing system you receive a brand new floor at a fraction of the cost and time. Your “new” floor will give you the same great durability that you have come to expect from our synthetic surfaces. Your Dynamic floor will stand up to bleachers, tables and chairs and provide the quick start that your athletes need to win the race or score the final point. Our DYNATURF® resurfacing system can take on anything with ease and give back for years to come.