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Turning Warehouse Into K-12 Gymnasium & More

Hybrid rubber flooring in school warehouse makes new multi-purpose gym space for students

Sterling Christian School faced a unique challenge: they needed to convert a warehouse space into a functional gym space that could also perform a number of other functions. It had to be a good place for kids from Pre-K through high school. It had to be useable for school performances. It had to be a good environment for a children’s ministry. And it had to tolerate the high use that comes with a school. The list of needs required a floor that could hold up under the pressure.

“A regular rubber floor would have been too soft to play middle and high school sports,” he reasoned. “Our gym isn’t really big enough for a wood floor and I was afraid that since it had garage doors, if water leaked in it would ruin the floor. So getting rubber that looks like wood is the best of both worlds. Wood is too hard to clean and it must be polished, which isn’t cost-efficient so that didn’t make sense for our school.” On a tight budget with high usability demands, Coach Dove picked the DynaSelect™ HD flooring system.

Designed to mimic wood without the cost and hassle, DynaSelect™ was exactly what Sterling’s new facility needed. It would hold up under the constant traffic, while also staying dry should there ever be a leak. It is easy to clean as well, requiring little more than water. In addition, it never needs to be polished. “You would think a rubber floor that’s used for so many different things would be hard to clean, but all we need is water and a towel, and some days a dust mop is all that it takes,” says Coach Dove.

With a tight timetable, Dynamic began installation on February 1st, 2011. The installation was completed in two weeks, a timeline that impressed Coach Dove. In order to ensure that everything had been properly arranged, Bob Wolesensky, Dynamic’s President, personally came out to oversee the planning phase at Sterling. “Bob was great,” says Dove. “He came out and explained what they were going to do and how they would do it in a simple way. He explained it to us so that we understood what was happening. I would recommend Dynamic Sports Construction to anybody anywhere who is looking to get a court.”

Sterling Classical School brings a Biblical, classical education to North Texas and the Austin region. It is an independent and private school following the ideals of Charlotte Mason hands-on experiential learning. The curriculum helps students enjoy their education and grow into independent and well-rounded individuals, and involves parents as active teaching partners. The school has an active community and seeks to involve students and their parents in the greater community.

After researching the different flooring options, Coach Christopher Dove realized that Sterling needed a hybrid floor when he came across Dynamic Sports Construction, Inc. “I had seen a lot of their work on the website and was intrigued with getting a floor that plays like wood but is rubber,” explains Coach Dove.

Adrian College Gets New Sports Flooring Without Removing the Old Floor

Adrian College needed a new floor for their high-use campus athletic facility in Michigan. As a residential four-year college with many varsity sports teams and clubs, their athletic facility served hundreds every day. Their old Keifer floor just wasn’t holding up under the traffic, and they needed a cost effective replacement option. The gym building had diverse flooring requirements, ranging from courts for basketball, volleyball, and tennis, to a track section and batting cages. Each of these areas required minor differences in their flooring for optimal performance.

From the beginning, Mr. Duffy was pleased with his choice of Dynamic’s DynaForce® hybrid flooring system. “The biggest reason we chose Dynamic was their attention to detail,” says Duffy. “They promised to help us solve our problem and stayed true to their word. They didn’t pull any punches and were very honest, forthcoming, and quick to respond to any questions we had. They treated the facility like it was their own front room and seemed to genuinely want it to look presentable for everyone.”Mike Duffy, the Athletic Director at Adrian, began his search for new flooring on the Internet. He carefully considered the top flooring companies nationwide and soon came across Dynamic Sports Construction, Inc.. Mr. Duffy soon got in touch with Bob Wolesensky, the President of Dynamic to discuss the specifics of Adrian College’s needs. “We were looking to save money, and tearing up the old floor wasn’t cost-efficient,” explains Duffy. “Dynamic came in with a great solution and was able to save us money by pouring on top of our old floor.”

Because the facility required such diverse flooring for its various uses, Dynamic custom-designed each area with the particular needs of that space in mind. Working closely with Mr. Duffy, Dynamic helped create a solution for every space. The exact materials and cushioning were considered, as was the level of grit used. Each area is optimized for its exact needs.

Dynamic’s flooring solution was installed in 2005, and Adrian College has been pleased with it since. “It’s holding up great, outstanding. No issues,” says Mr. Duffy of the flooring. The gym sees incredibly high traffic during the school year, with almost constant use from 6 AM until Midnight or 1 AM. It is cleaned daily, if not multiple times each day. It has held up under that pressure, and continues to benefit the school’s athletes by helping them avoid shin splints and stress fractures that result from an improperly hard surface.

Mr. Duffy remains in contact with Dynamic whenever questions arise about the new floor. “When we had questions such as how to clean the floor or touch up paint, they were quick to respond. They didn’t try to sell us high dollar machines to clean the floor, but offered practical advice and didn’t nickel and dime us on the little things. I can’t say enough about their attention to detail.”

Adrian College is a private liberal arts and sciences college located in Michigan. It offers traditional four-year programs in a co-educational, residential environment focused completely on undergraduates. With strong academic programs and a thriving student life (including more than 22 varsity and 3 club sports) Adrian offers the complete college experience to prepare students for any path in life.

Veterinary Hospital Chooses DynaSteed™ Flooring for Animal Safety & Comfort

When Dr. Scott Rawlinson of the Color Country Animal Hospital in Cedar City, Utah, decided to build a new facility for treating large animals, he saw an immediate problem. “I couldn’t find any flooring that impressed me,” says Dr. Rawlinson. “The products I had seen concerned me because they have seams in their floors. Animals make messes, and when you hose down the floor it seeps into the cracks and you have problems with the flooring.” Ultimately, Dr. Rawlinson decided on a finished concrete floor for his new facility. Although it wasn’t optimal, he felt it was the only choice that would offer the necessary strength to hold up under use by large animals while containing the messes they can make.

“I found Dynamic online and talked directly with the President, Bob Wolesensky ” says Rawlinson. Although Rawlinson had not worked with Dynamic before, he was impressed by what he saw. “Most of the flooring vendors don’t know the kind of force that takes place and how hard the animals can be on the floor. You have to see it to understand.” Mr. Wolesensky agreed, and personally offered to come out and look at Dr. Rawlinson’s facility, bringing samples of his materials with him. “I didn’t know if he was serious at first, but he traveled to Utah. I was impressed.”Several years later, the concrete floor revealed a significant drawback: it was slick, and that could sometimes cause problems for the animals and the staff. When one of the horses treated at the facility actually slipped on the concrete and fell, Dr. Rawlinson realized that it was time for another flooring solution. Unsatisfied with options he had found locally, he turned to the Internet and soon found Dynamic Sports Construction, Inc..

After Mr. Wolesensky’s visit, Dr. Rawlinson was convinced that Dynamic’s DynaSteed™ flooring system would be a good option. It offers a seamless finish, with none of the cracks that might allow fluids to undermine the subfloor. In addition, it is designed with horses and other large animals in mind. Because these animals require a cushioned and soft surface in order to avoid unnecessary strain, DynaSteed™ features cushioned under-layers in addition to the non-porous and non-slip top layer. It has all the cleaning benefits of concrete with none of the hazards.

Dr. Rawlinson has found the floor very easy to care for since installing it two years ago. “There is surface cleaning that we need to do because stains occur, but we are able to clean with soap, water, and some scrubbing, and it comes off well.” For most daily cleaning, Dr. Rawlinson and his staff can simply hose down the surface. The non-porous top layer ensures that the surface remains hygienic. “Overall, I’m really happy with the floor,” says Rawlinson. “There are no areas that need to be repaired, and Bob told me that if there was a problem, he would take care of it.”

The Color County Animal Hospital in Cedar City, Utah, treats everything from small animals and household pets to equines and livestock.

New Flooring For Midland University’s New Athletic Center

In early 2006, Midland University built its new multi-purpose event center. Replacing an old and outdated facility, this new building had to be incredibly flexible and useful for many different types of events. The general contractor knew that it would need to hold up through PE classes, team practices, banquets, concerts, and more. Plus, it needed to handle wear and tear from spikes and hard activities such as the shot put. Recognizing these very diverse needs, the general contractor recommended that Midland choose an indoor flooring system.

“We needed more functionality than what we had with our previous facility,” says Keith Klemme, Athletic Director at Midland University. Midland had been using an old tartan floor, but found it restrictive for the student athletes and undesirable for the space. “There is nothing worse for basketball and volleyball players than to not be able to practice on a wood floor, which is what happened in our old facility. Now our floor is textured, so we can use spikes,” says Klemme. “It better simulates what they will compete on during an outdoor track meet which is extremely advantageous.”

The floor was installed in 2006, and has proven very durable over the following years. As a school facility, the floor sees daily use during the school year. It is used throughout the day for classes and sports team practices, then in the evenings it is frequently used to host banquets for hundreds of people. In addition, as the school is located in the Midwest, it commonly hosts practices year round as the weather limits outdoor sports. “Not only is it practical but athletically has a great deal of benefits. We couldn’t be happier with the results,” says Klemme.

The new space offers opportunities for efficiency that previously didn’t exist. Midland is no longer constrained by the need to protect their old floor. Dynamic’s flooring can handle the stress of shot-put and track practice while wearing spikes. Without the old floor to constrain them, Midland’s athletes can practice where and when they want. “The new floor opened up more opportunities for additional events. It’s very practical and athletically has tremendous benefits,” says Klemme. “We are much more efficient with our use of space because of the new floor.”

Midland University is an undergraduate college providing a liberal arts education in Fremont, Nebraska. Students at Midland can choose from more than 50 different majors, including pre-professional programs. Midland’s variety of programs can prepare students to enter a technical or vocational field after graduation, or to go onward to study at a graduate level.

To learn more about our flooring system, contact the Dynamic Sports Construction Inc. experts through our website or via telephone at 800-517-0015. We have many different affordable and durable flooring options to meet the needs of sporting facilities nationwide. With a long history of satisfied customers, Dynamic is happy to lead the way with environmentally friendly and innovative technologies that help athletes perform at their best.

Polyurethane – The Performance Surface Material Of The Future

Today’s high performance sports construction is all about materials. Companies are always pushing the envelope with new designs that offer better impact protection for athletes, as well as superior durability for long lasting flooring solutions. Dynamic Sports Construction has long been a pioneer in this field, creating new flooring solutions for everything from basketball courts and indoor tracks to equine facilities. In recent years, we’ve turned to a rejuvenated and new generation of an old standby: polyurethane.

An Old Product, Revitalized For 21st Century Athletes

If you’ve been involved with sports over the years, you probably remember the first introduction of polyurethane. It was once a tough service that had a pretty severe environmental impact, and wasn’t particularly good for athletes. Now, however, it’s undergone a change similar to the change evident in polyester. Both of them strongly emphasize being green, and in fact Dynamic Sports Construction Inc. flooring is using the new polyurethane and is one of the greenest products on the market today.

Today’s polyurethane has no heavy metals or VOCs that might cause harm to your athletes as they use the surface. It is proven to be a safe, durable material that offers a superior performance in a variety of applications. Many of our clients say that it offers the best features of wood, with none of the drawbacks.

Green And Sustainable Polyurethane

Modern polyurethane is a very green substance for a number of reasons. First, it’s incredibly durable and long lasting. When you install a polyurethane-based floor, you won’t have to replace it for years. That saves a lot on material cost to install a new system if you had chosen something less durable. Polyurethane’s durability is so impressive that it will usually outlast whatever material it is used in!

In addition, the process of creating today’s polyurethane is surprisingly efficient as well. Polyurethanes use less than 0.1% of all oil consumed worldwide. Using polyurethane instead of a less environmentally friendly alternative will save 100 times the materials that it took to make the polyurethane.

How Is It Made?

Polyurethane is created by a specialized chemical reaction. The company combines a diisocynate with a polyol, setting off a reaction that produces a totally new type of substance. This is the substance that is called polyurethane and used in many different applications. This reaction requires relatively little energy to sustain, and has relatively few by-products when compared with other manufacturing options. In addition, the finished product requires almost no further processing or refinement.

Polyurethane Protects Athletes And Looks Great For Years

It’s no surprise that many high-end athletic facilities around the world are now choosing polyurethane bases for their flooring. Today’s options allow for more layering of materials, providing a cushioned surface for athletes that still offer the required support. Polyurethane is durable yet soft, helping to prevent injuries like shin splints or other stress-based conditions.

For more information about the benefits of polyurethane based flooring, contact us at Dynamic Sports Construction Inc. and talk to one of our sports flooring experts. We use green polyurethane extensively in our floors, and we’d love to tell you more about it!