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Live Action Top™

This suspended floor is ready for play!

A versatile alternative to gymnasium flooring, the Live Action Top™ is perfect for your multipurpose and game court needs.

Live Action Top Athletic Flooring

Whether it's competitive basketball, volleyball, aerobics or roller hockey, you can be certain that your athletes will enjoy superior action, support and safety. Crested with a larger "live" surface, the Live Action Top™ combined with the Massive Impact Zone provides the strongest synthetic athletic floor system. This reduces fatigue injuries to the shins, calves, lower back and joints.

This system can be customized to match school colors and is a very popular alternative to expensive and higher maintenance wood game court floors.

Live Action Top™ can be installed over most existing surfaces and installation is quick and efficient. Your floor system can be prepared to meet your facility's demanding needs in as little as four days from start to tip off.

Colors for Live Action Top

Watch the action…and catch the enthusiasm.


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