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DynaSteed™ Equine Flooring System

From premiere race track and commercial stables to farms and vet hospitals, DynaSteed™ is ideal for equine health and well being.

Oaklawn Park Race Track, Hot Springs, AR, which hosts some of the world’s most valuable thoroughbreds, chose DynaSteed™ for its therapeutic, anti-fatigue and hygienic properties.

A revolutionary therapeutic floor designed to enhance equine health and safety, DynaSteed™ is perfect for all horse-related facilities: surgical and training centers, commercial stables, breeding farms, veterinary clinics.

Easy to clean and created to withstand heavy-duty wear and tear, DynaSteed™ is a seamless polyurethane system featuring a strong rubber base mat for greater safety, comfort and resilience. Its poured self-leveling wear coat cures into a tough, flexible membrane which is colored with a hard wearing, mar-resistant structured top coat ─ making it virtually indestructible!

DynaSteed’s seamless, hygienic nature cuts maintenance time and cost by half. Fluids can’t seep to subfloors; there is no curling or shifting. The system offers years of use while maintaining aesthetic appeal ─ plus its life span can easily be extended through Dynamic’s cost efficient Refinish!

Why DynaSteed™?

Veterinary Health Sciences - Medical Teaching Hospital

Dr. Rawlinson

"The competitor's products that I saw concerned me because they all had seams,” says Rawlinson. “Animals are messy and when you hose down the floor it seeps into cracks which can cause problems with the flooring.”

“I also found it to be beneficial that it curves up the wall so there isn’t a seam on the wall, either,” says Rawlinson. “It makes it very easy to clean and maintain. We’re able to take care of surface stains with soap, water, and a little bit of scrubbing. The traction that the floor provides has been very helpful for our animals’ safety."

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DynaSteed™ Equine Flooring System

Every customer has different flooring needs. That’s why we tailor our revolutionary therapeutic surface to your requirements. Choose:

DynaSteed™: revolutionary therapeutic equine flooring with a wide array of applicability for large animal needs, commercial or private, professional or amateur.

Private owners, top equine surgical and rehabilitation veterinarians and more have expressed complete satisfaction with DynaSteed™, endorsing its therapeutic, anti-fatigue benefits.

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The Dynamic Story:
We are a premiere, full-service contractor specializing only in high performance and multipurpose flooring solutions. An American company, we take pride in delivering products made entirely in the USA in an ISO 9001-2000 certified facility.

We proudly serve every state in the nation with the most experienced installation technicians in the industry. Our teams install 120+ technologically advanced flooring solutions annually. No subcontractors. And we manufacture, sell and install directly to you, the customer, delivering a better product at a better price.

Environmental stewardship is at the core of the Dynamic philosophy. We create recyclable products from locally sourced materials, re-using existing and rapidly renewable resources. Our VOC compliant, sustainable systems are eligible for LEED points, require fewer chemicals and are installed with Zero-Mercury product formulations.