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DynaForce - IronTuff™

IronTuff High-Performance Engineered Fitness Flooring

IronTuff Athletic Flooring

Dynamic Sports Construction, Inc.'s IronTuff™ is a durable seamless floor for use in your weight room and cardio areas. It can withstand heavy weight and cardio equipment and even dropped weights. With IronTuff™ … the name says it all.

Potential Applications

Weight Room Flooring
LEED Green Building Rating System

IronTuff™ provides maximum durability underfoot and absorbs the shock of training impact, reducing the potential for stress and injury to athletes.

Your logo can be incorporated into your IronTuff™ floor.

We can create a custom look for you by combining a multitude of colors to suit your facilities colors and tastes.

IronTuff™ can qualify your facility for LEED credits.

IronTuff Sports Flooring

Easily Resurfaced
Unlike sheet goods, IronTuff™ can be easily resurfaced without the need for removal and disposal of the existing surface. You can have a brand new looking IronTuff™ floor at a fraction of the cost of replacing your old weight room sheet or tile good floor.